Just Say No to Airport Expansion

Join our coalition to keep commercial air traffic out of Paulding County 

For years, Paulding County residents have been promised that no commercial air service will be allowed at the Paulding County Airport. Ever. Chalk that up as yet another broken promise from our elected leaders.

Many of the same folks who repeatedly made those claims have worked together behind closed doors to break that promise and expand the Paulding County Airport to allow commercial service.

If they are allowed to succeed, traffic, crime, noise pollution and environmental damage will likely increase while the quality of life for many Paulding County residents will be greatly diminished. Most disturbingly, Paulding County taxpayers will be forced to fund a multi-million dollar project on which they had no input.

It’s time for Paulding County residents – the folks whose daily lives will be affected by this airport expansion – to finally have their voices heard.

No more back-room deals, no more broken promises, no airport expansion. Enough is enough.

Lack of Transparency – Despite repeated promises otherwise, Paulding County officials negotiated this airport expansion behind closed doors with virtually no input from the public.

Waste of Tax Dollars – If expansion proceeds as planned, Paulding County residents will be left with the bill – a multi-million dollar bill.

Diminished Quality of Life – Paulding County is a great place to live and raise a family. Expanding the airport will likely lead to higher crime, increased noise pollution and more traffic.

Environmental Damage – Like the smell of jet-fuel? Get used to it. Airport expansion will have potentially devastating effects on our local environment, including Paulding County’s world-class hunting and wildlife reserves.

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